Convert Image to Sound.

Everybody knows that a picture is worth a thousand words. But did you know that a picture can also buy you the frequencies of a thousand oscillators? Using any of several modern music applications, you can convert the data that forms a picture on the computer screen into information that will generate an audio file. In most cases, the program uses the vertical position of each pixel of the image to control frequency and one or more color (RGB) values for parameters such as amplitude and stereo position.

There are many programs to conver image to sound:

1) Audio Paint
2) Metasynth
3) Virtual ANS Visual Synthesizer

And the last one, is an i-Phone Application, check on i-Tunes Store:

4) Audible Ink (PocketChirp)

Aphex Twin Used his face's spectrogram to reproduce a sound:

When playing Aphex twin's #2 (the long formula) on their "Windowlicker" album, through a "Spectrogram", an image appears, of what is first thought; a demon!

Aphex Twin is notorious for sneaking in an image of himself in various music videos, CD covers, promotional art, etc. It's a face scary enough to give you nightmares.